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How do you make a wedding day that everyone will remember? Find inspiration with these different organizing, decorating and animating ideas.

Originally, wedding has always a lot of details with Ideas for My Wedding Day. As with all your wedding planning, just let your inspiration and ideas guide you.

A video invitation

You’ll be able to skip the announcement templates; you will not find more unusual than saving your date to be watched on the screen. To achieve this, you need good quality photos, a good playlist and some basic editing skills. Unless you prefer to go through a professional.

Pictures that annoy

Sometimes the classic couple photos are too rigid even if the photographer has the gift to make you laugh or the guests “raise hands very high!” for nice group photos in front of the town hall. Opt for a radical solution: You-Cube, which puts the bride and groom (and their guests) in a box literally.

And even if the trend begins to become a ritual, leave free access to your guests in the room to get live shots. Variant: the photobooth (to rent or to tinker with a simple picture frame for example or fun accessories). Don’t forget the photobooth panel for cue.

Balloons or chocolate instead of flowers

Balloons can brighten the entrance of the religious building or the town hall but also serve as bouquets for the procession or even for the bride. Advantage: balloons are less delicate to install and often cheaper. Brides addicted to chocolate can also opt for a decoration to chew (literally).

Thank you badges and a coloring book

The souvenir gift, with which your guests can take as they leave, are available in all possible forms. Why stick to sugared almonds? A bag of candy, a mini-bottle of olive oil, a fan to withstand the heat of July? And why not a nice thank you badge?

And to change the traditional guest book, hang on the wall of the reception room a “festive poster” with characters to color and little words for your guests to scribble.

A night ceremony

Couples who have decided to make a secular wedding ceremony have every opportunity to organize the exchange of greetings to the schedule that suits them. At nightfall, small lights (garlands, lanterns, candles?) can illuminate this moment and give it a magical atmosphere.

A wedding video in slow motion

The idea is simple: thanks to a screen video booth, we film the bride and groom and their guests while they dance, laugh, kiss and we keep an original memory of this moment.

S’mores bar

No more cupcake bars, cabbage bars, candy bars, cheese bars and cookies.  It’s already out of fashion. Choose the s’mores bar. These sweet snacks are adored by Americans (the word comes from the contraction “some more”) that allows you to finish the meal gently with marshmallows and chocolate to melt, spreads.

A release of flying or floating lanterns

Leave the fireworks and go for lanterns! To close the day, all the guests are gathered to attend this bright air. Lanterns are biodegradable and non-flammable. They stay on for about 8 minutes. If you have the chance to get married near a body of water, there are also small “floating lanterns” or boat-shaped.

Escorts cards

How will you explain to the guests the table plan that you have spent so much time developing? The large sign by the entrance of the room often causes a crowd of guests seeking their first name. Escort cards help guide each of your guests to his table. The possibilities of personalization are endless. The choice is wide.

A bride and groom entry

The arrival of the bride and groom is of greatest importance! The possibilities are infinitely variable depending on the existing modes of transport. Vespa, 2 HP, tandem, rollers, English taxi, horse-drawn carriage, limousine or helicopter are all possible options depending on the location for the wedding. Also, think about the procession by dressing all the children in the same outfit and providing them with a sign or a flag to announce your arrival.

The rice at my wedding, no thanks!

Avoid throwing rice at the exit of the church or the town hall! It hurts, it’s not very pretty, and it went out of fashion! Opt for more original things such as ribbons, soap bubbles, helium balloons or lavender seeds for a Provencal version. For the more romantic, live your fairy tale by offering a release of doves or butterflies.

A magical wedding venue

To surprise your guests, the ideal is to find an exceptional place! It’s not always easy to meet the budget, but unusual places always work. Art fans, a theater, opera, cinema or museum hall will be great. Music fans may prefer a nightclub or jazz club. In lack of ideas? Circus, barge, a barn in a field will shine the eyes of your guests!

A menu like no other!

The meal is one of the key elements of the success of a wedding. Give a surprise by a buffet of world flavors, vegetables and fruit carved, exotic dishes, a wine tasting, a piece of macaroons, a chocolate fountain, a waffle bar or ice cream etc. Do not miss originality to replace the traditional piece mounted!

Having reading all those above ideas maybe will help you stop wondering about ideas for my wedding day. You can start with all the preparation today.

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Post Author: Nancy A. Macomber

I am a single woman who craves my wedding later, I also work at a wedding organization I hope to get a man who is good enough for me and my new family later.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your very own ideas for your wedding. They are quite cool and practical. And for replacing the flowers, don’t you like flowers? I mean balloons are okay, but flowers will definitely make your wonderful occasion to a next level. Just my opinion though.

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